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JVC XX headphones
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JVC GY-HС550CHE3/26/2019
JVC GY-HM660R3/26/2019
JVC GY-HC900RCHE3/26/2019
JVC DT-U31PRO3/26/2019
JVC DT-U31E3/26/2019
JVC DT-U27HB3/26/2019
JVC DT-G27E3/26/2019
Большая картинка Yamaha ZM56510
Большая картинка Yamaha VAQ9220
Большая картинка Yamaha VAQ9220
Большая картинка Yamaha VAQ9220
Большая картинка Yamaha ZM56510
Большая картинка Yamaha ZM56510
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Adapter selection to connect car steering wheel buttons to optional car radio

Different car and radio models require different adapters to restore default controls on the car steering wheel. You need to answer some questions to make a proper choice.

Select a car brand:

If you have nto found your car in the list - it does not mean that none of the adapter does not fit. We have information about many, but not all cars. Specify which protocol is used in the car - CANBUS or Resistive, and call shop.

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